Haiwan Yang Jarang Ditemui..

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Foto, Info

Cyphonia clavata


cyphonia clavata

Irrawaddy dolphin


Irrawaddy dolphin





lamprey 1





markhor 1


Naked mole rat

naked mole rat


Patagonian mara

patagonian mara


Raccoon dog

raccoon dog


Snud-nosed monkey

snud-nosed monkey


Southern red muntjac

southern red muntjac


Star-nosed mole

star-nosed mole


The fossa

the fossa 1


The dhole

the dhole


The babirusa

the babirusa


The amazonian royal flycatcher

the amazonian royal flycatcher


Sunda colugo

sunda colugo


The maned Wolf

The maned Wolf


The gerenuk

the gerenuk 1


Zebra duiker

zebra duiker


Yeti crab

yeti crab



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