ETERNAL BEAUTY : Combine Science with Nature, a marriage made in heaven. 4 Breakthrough Technologies in 1 Revolutionary Device.

Eternal beauty is an award winning invention, for professional treatment at home. It can naturally emit Far Infrared Rays(FIR), Anion (air vitamins) and Germanium with Ultrasoundcapabilities. The massager head made of Natural Stone, allows for safe use even on the most sensitive skin. Together, they work to provide maximum benefits to both beauty and health from inside and out.


Anions (air vitamins) help to neutralize harmful free radicals while increasing tissue oxygenation to retard signs of ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines and sagging cheeks.


Infrared Ray with anti- fungal effect help clear blemishes, reduce pimples and prevent the formation of acne. It alsostimulates the healing process of scarred tissue to reduce pock marks.


Ultrasound technology functions promote cell metabolism, and has firming and lifting effects to help strengthen sagging muscles including stretch marks.

The vibration action of the ultrasound technology functions help to dissolve fat and has slimming and toning effects to reduce fat under the skin and improve muscle tone (double chin).


No time? Here’s 4 effortless ways – 10 minutes before bedtime, while surfing the internet, while watching TV and when reading the newspaper.

Can be used for facial and body treatment.
– Suitable for spa usage.
– Suitable for those who have sinus problem.


Calculation: Lets say, you are spending RM100 every weekend for a facial treatment.
RM100 x 4 weeks x 12 months = RM4800
But, with Eternal Beauty, you just spend around RM2000.00 for once and you can have a full facial and body treatment for you and your family. Installment for Malaysian RM86.00 per month for 3 years only.



With 4 technologies in 1 device, Eternal Beauty is an award-winning, first-of-its-kind beauty and health massager in Asia Pacific that harmonises nature with science by using naturally-occurring bio materials.

The 4 superior technologies can be used to enhance the effects of good skincare products, lift the bust, breakdown cellulite and enhance blood circulation andd relieve muscle aches and tension. With Eternal Beauty, you can zap your problems away in as little as 10 minutes a day using these technologies: Far Infrared Ray (FIR) – Electromagnetic waves that penetrate into subcutaneous tissue to improve skin elasticity, alleviate pains and aches, promote cell regeneration and help control acne formation.

Anion – Also known as air vitamins, anions neutralise releases antioxidants to retard signs of ageing, hydrate skin, brighten dull complexions and lighten pigmentation marks.

Germanium – Easily penetrates skin cells to neutralise the imbalance of ions on skin to prevent premature ageing while energizing skin

Ultrasound/Sonic Vibration – Provides vibration and foaming actions to deep cleanse and exfoliate, reduce wrinkles and sagging, break down cellulite and improve muscle tone.





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