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Entry hari ni nak story pasal Sandakan Festival Off Road Challenge 2016 yang berlangsung selama 3 hari berturut-turut sempena sambutan Hari Malaysia.

Program diadakan selama tiga hari ini bermula pada 16 September 2016 sehingga 18 September 2016 bertempat di perkarangan Tanah Lapang Jalan Nasalim Batu 7 Sandakan. Orang ramai dijemput hadir beramai-ramai bagi menyaksikan pertandingan dan persembahan kenderaan-kenderaan 4×4 sempena festival ini. Paling mengujakan adalah Kategori Hardcore.

Masuk adalah PERCUMA bagi orang ramai menyaksikan Off Road Challenge ini. Program ini dianjurkan oleh Sabah Offroad Adventure Association dengan kerjasama daripada Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan (MPS).

Turut sama menjayakan program ini adalah dari Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Cawangan Sandakan yang turut mengadakan Program JOM JPJ dengan menawarkan pengurangan Kompaun Saman sehingga 30% sempena festival ini dan orang ramai boleh mendapatkan perkhidmatan JPJ semasa hari cuti selama tiga hari program ini berlangsung.

Selain itu, Institut Memandu Gabungan dengan kerjasama JPJ menawarkan Program myLESEN bagi orang ramai untuk mendaftar bagi mendapatkan lesen pertama kelas B2 untuk Motosikal dengan kadar bayaran sebanyak RM299 sahaja.

Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan juga menawarkan pengurangan kompaun yang disediakan di booth MPS. Pameran kenderaan daripada Mitsubishi juga dibuka untuk dikunjungi oleh orang ramai.

Petikan Akhbar Sabah Times

Attractive prizes await winners of Sandakan Fest 4×4 Challenge


29th August, 2016BY FRED LEONG

KOTA KINABALU: The thrills and spills in the off-road challenge will add spice to this year’s annual Sandakan Festival commencing from Sept 16-18 which is to coincide with the National Day celebrations.

Festival organiser, the Sandakan Municipal Council (MPS) president Datuk Ir. James Wong has again invited the Sabah Off-Road Adventure Association (SOAA) to run and manage the three-day motorsport event, dubbed the Sandakan Fest 4×4 Challenge.

Hefty attractive cash prizes are waiting for all the top three winners in various categories of 4×4 competitions.

SOAA president Hiew Min Kiyun said yesterday, they are very honoured with the invitation, which is the second time for SOAAto organise such event to mark the month-long Sandakan Fest.

The inaugural 4×4 challenge held a few years back was a true success with an overwhelming participation from both off-road competitors and 4×4 enthusiasts from all over Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei.

“This year, we anticipate similar turn out, which will be the second largest event after the annual International Borneo Safari in terms of the congregation of four wheel drives and participants,” he said.

“The carnival-like event will be among the highlights of the Sandakan Fest which will be held along the Sandakan Airport Road, thus giving easy access by spectators to come and witness the event.”

He said, the site has recently been cleared on a 170 acre piece of land to pave ways for the organiser to set several special stages and at the same time specific areas for 4×4 related promotional booths and food stalls.

The 4×4 challenge will be divided into four categories namely, extreme hardcore challenge, 4×4 amateur challenge, 4×4 stock standard challenge and car show.

The hardcore event is open to all hardcore competitors with their fully souped-up four wheel drives, while for the amateur event, it is open to only amateur competitors, who have never won Borneo Safari titles or finish among the top five positions.

However, for the amateur event, all competing vehicles are allowed to use any type of off-road tyres (maximum 37 inch) but the vehicles must not be equipped with modified winches or axel winches, Volvo axels and jammed brakes for fairness and safety reasons.

Hiew added, 4×4 enthusiasts or owners with their non-modified four wheel drives can register as competitors in the standard stock event and for the car show, it is open to all owners whose vehicles are either modified, upgraded, fully equipped with all the accessories, body-lifted, monster tyres, well maintained, superb paint work are among the numerous criteria.

The Champion in the hardcore challenge will receive cash prize of RM 8,000 plus trophies, certificates and 4×4 goodies, the 2nd placing will get RM6,000 and the third with RM3,000 plus certificates and trophies.

The amateur champion will receive cash prize of RM5,000 plus certificates, trophies and goodies, followed by RM 3,000 andRM2,000 for the 2nd and 3rd placings respectively, while car show top three winners will receive RM1,500, the 2nd with RM 1000 and 3rd placing with RM 500.

For the standard 4×4 challenge the top three winners will receiveRM3,000, RM2,000 and RM1,000 respectively.

The entrance fee for the hardcore event is set at RM700 per-competitor, amateur at RM450, Standard at RM250 and car show at RM 250 each.

Hiew pointed out, the Road Transport Department or JPJ has agreed to set up their booth for road defaulters to pay up their summonses during the 3-day events, where special discounts up to 30-50 per cent will be offered to those who choose to pay their summonses.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman will be accompanied byMPS president is expected to flag-off and launch the event on Sept 17 at the SS venue.




100. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley UK

The British supermodel-turned-actress makes her debut on the Annual Beautiful Faces List. With her striking and unique features, it likely won’t be her last time.

New Entry

99. Aya Ueto Japan

This lovely Japanese actress, singer, model and radio personality has one of the freshest faces and brightest smiles in the world today. Her bubbly personality and versatile talent make her one of the most likable and admirable people on our list.

New Entry

98. Bella Heathcote Australia

Aside from her breathtaking beauty, we think Bella is one of the most promising talents in film today. This Aussie actress will assuredly be everywhere over the next few years as Hollywood directors will be aggressively vying for her attention. Look for Bella to rise on this list in the coming years.

New Entry

97. AnnaSophia Robb us

This 20 year-old stunner caught everyone’s attention with early roles in “Bridge to Terabithia” & “Because of Winn-Dixie”. Her talent has never been in question. ASR’s resplendence is showcased spectacularly in the current series, “The Carrie Diaries”, where she carries on the famous Sarah Jessica Parker role.

New Entry

96. Cynthia Addai-Robinson

It was her physically and emotionally powerful role in the TV show, “Spartacus”, that made us aware of this rare beauty. She can also be seen in the hit show “Arrow”.

New Entry

95. Vanessa Hessler it

This Italian-born wonder is one of the most sought after models in the world today. She has one of the most photogenic faces in the industry and can be seen in ads for most of the major fashion brands around the world.

New Entry

94. Woori kr

Kicking off the 2013 South Korean wave, we have one of the best rappers in the K-Pop world. Woori is one of two members from the super-popular South Korean idol girl group, RAINBOW, to make the 2013 Most Beautiful Faces List. It won’t be the last time, as we anticipate a big jump for her in 2014.

New Entry

93. Amanda Seyfried us

Our first glimpse of Amanda came in the 2004 comedy classic, “Mean Girls”. She has since gone on to become of the most talented and versatile young actresses on the Hollywood A-list. Her performance in “Lovelace” is one of best we saw in 2013. Seyfried is making her 9th consecutive appearance on our list.

Years on List: 9 ….. Highest Position: 5

92. Antonia Iacobescu ro

Professionally known as “Antonia”, this angelic vision is a Romanian singer and model. She has striking, piercing eyes and a memorable smile. We hope to see her on this list for years to come.

New Entry


91. Soo Wincci my

Making her debut is a Malaysian television personality, singer and former beauty queen. She was Miss World Malaysia and represented her country in the Miss World beauty pageant.

New Entry

90. Anna Konchakovskaya ru

The Russians hand us a stunning entry in the form of a professional dancer. She is also known as “Moryachka” if you want to peruse the interwebs for some more amazing photos of this babe. Legs for days.

New Entry

89. Marcela Guirado mx

After the enormous popularity of Maite Perroni in the 2012 list, we had lots of support from Mexican fans. Many of them suggested Marcela and she won us over too. She enters the list at number 89 with one of the more unique looks of 2013.

New Entry

88. Louise Bourgoin fr

The French just seem to churn out insane amounts of acting talent. Louise is no exception and continues to make good choices and delivers fine performances every time. There is a lovely Bohemian quality to her beauty and she lands herself on our list for the second time in as many years.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 45

87. Elena Satine

She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and has since moved to America and become one of the hottest prospects on screen. Her role on the fabulous TV show, “Magic City”, is steamy and sultry. We cannot wait to see even more of her.

New Entry

86. Fan Bingbing cn

The Chinese actress, singer and producer makes her first appearance in the Top 100. She is one of the leading fashion icons in the world today and is beloved by many millions around the globe.

New Entry

85. Meghan Markle us

Meghan is one of the elegant and intelligent young women on this year’s list. She has emerged from her modelling career to become a really wonderful actress who is destined for huge success in the coming years.

New Entry

84. Giulia Arena it

The newly crowned Miss Italia is the third such beauty queen from her country to make the list in recent years. Silvia Battisti and Giusy Buscemi both have been on the list before… but this time, it is Giulia’s turn. She is something very special.

New Entry

83. Gabriella Wilde UK

Look for young Miss Wilde to become the next megastar in Hollywood. She definitely has the beauty… but we think she has the talent and personality to become an overnight A-lister. Look for her to star in 2014′s “Endless Love”.

New Entry


82. E-Young kr

The ultra-talented, multi-instrumentalist, sensationally gorgeous and exceptionally loveable member of K-Pop super-group, After School… E-Young was a sure new entry on this year’s Top 100 Faces. She is destined for great things after she graduates from her band and goes on to an assuredly amazing solo career. This girl can literally do anything!!!

New Entry

81. Nora Kubiliute lt.Australia

Nora is a very sought after Lithuanian / Australian model who first came to our attention in the amazing Faydee video for “Laugh Till You Cry”. Her portfolio is littered with astonishing shots of her intensely beautiful face with eyes that could melt ice. She is one to watch in the next 12-24 months.

New Entry

80. Victoria Song cn

Victoria is a Chinese singer, dancer, actress, model, and a part of the South Korean girl group, f(x) – as the leader and main dancer. She is a phenomenal talent and one of the cutest girls in the music industry today.

New Entry

79. Nora Arnezeder fr

Two Nora’s in one list?! And we almost had Germany’s Nora Tschirner ranked this year too. It is a good year to be a Nora. Arnezeder was terrific in the recent Elijah Wood thriller, “Maniac”. She is also a beautiful songstress and will likely be on this list of ours for many years.

New Entry

78. Kate Upton us

No one does the “Dougie” any better than Kate. She also happens to be the most jaw-dropping bikini model in existence today. Upton makes her third consecutive appearance in 2013.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 13

77. Golshifteh Farahani ir

This Iranian slice of perfection is an internationally acclaimed actress who stars in “The Patience Stone”. Besides acting and singing, Golshifteh is involved in environmental activities… and she has also become an ambassador for fighting tuberculosis in Iran. Talented, Gorgeous and a Good Person? What’s not to love?

New Entry

76. Holly Earl UK

This lovely young actress from work such as “Skins”, “Doctor Who” and “Father Brown” is a slightly younger clone of Emilia Clarke. Now, Emilia was our choice for #1 in 2012… so that should clue you in on how highly we think of Holly. She is going places… and one of those places is near the top of this list in future years.

New Entry

75. Jaekyung kr

The leader (Unnie) of K-Pop supergroup, RAINBOW, Jaekyung is one of the most electric dancers and pure singers in Korean Idol Culture. She is extraordinarily gorgeous and makes her first appearance on the Faces List. It will not be her last.

New Entry

74. Doukissa Nomikou gr

This Greek goddess is a model and presenter who represented her country in the Miss Universe pageant. She is the daughter of Greek singer Nikos Nomikos and Ursula Nomikou.

New Entry


73. Sabine Jemeljanova lv

This bombshell is a Latvian glamor model. She began modelling for The Sun Newspaper’s famous Page Three Spread and also regularly appears in men’s magazines such as Nuts and Loaded. Sabine has also tried her hand at acting in a film called “Strippers vs Werewolves” – which we are, for obvious reasons, eager to watch.

New Entry

72. Carice van Houten nl

One of our very favorite actresses in the world today. Ever since we fell in love with Carice in the epically fantastic “Black Book”, she has graced our Beautiful Faces List. She is also a superb solo singer / songwriter… and one of the most amusing twitter celebrities out there. Follow her!

Years on List: 7 ….. Highest Position: 10

71. Yoona kr

Perhaps the most universally beloved member of SNSD – Girls’ Generation, Im Yoona has become an enormous success in her own right. She is the most clamored for K-Pop idol in the advertising world. She is a wonderful singer. And she possesses one of the most angelic smiles we have ever seen. This is her second straight mention on our list.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 50

70. Mishael Morgan

The star of “The Young and the Restless” is one of the most original beauties of the year. She has range and class and poise and elegance. We think the world of Mishael and are proud to see her on the list for the first time.

New Entry

69. Odeya Rush

We saw her sparkle in “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” and immediately knew she had to be on the list. She has such a unique look and we think her burgeoning talent is about to explode into massive success. Keep an eye out for this young beauty.

New Entry

68. Elsa Hosk se

Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk is a Swedish fashion supermodel who has worked for a number of leading brands including Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Ungaro, H&M, Lilly Pulitzer and Guess. She modeled for Victoria’s Secret, appearing in the brand’s annual fashion show in 2011 and 2012. She has also appeared in many of the brand’s campaigns, especially for the sub-division PINK.

New Entry

67. Maite Perroni mx

Maite is a Mexican actress and singer/songwriter, who is best known for starring in Rebelde (2004), Cuidado con el Ángel (2008), Mi Pecado (2009) with Triunfo del Amor (2010) and Cachito de Cielo (2012). She gained international fame as a member of the Latin Grammy nominated pop group RBD. Univision named her as the Queen of the Telenovelas.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 67

66. Sooyoung kr

Sooyoung is the fresh faced South Korean singer, dancer, actress, TV presenter, and MC. She is a member of the South Korean mega-group, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) — possibly one of the five most popular music artists in the world today.

New Entry

65. Christina Hendricks us

Five years after debuting on AMC’s miraculously perfect show, “MAD MEN”, Christina has established herself as a mainstay on our list. She’s not going anywhere, any time soon.

Years on List: 5 ….. Highest Position: 10


64. Hannah New UK

We think we are ahead of the curve on this selection. Look for Hannah New in the upcoming Starz TV show, “Black Sails”. She is an elegant beauty that reminds us a little of a blonde Keira Knightley.

New Entry

63. Lizzy kr

Lizzy is the funny, quirky prankster of the supremely popular Korean girl group, AfterSchool. She is also a member of its sub-unit, Orange Caramel. Lizzy has also recently begun acting in Korean dramas. We think she is adorable and one of the most engaging and fun personalities in the K-Pop world.

New Entry

62. Vica Kerekes

This freckled vision of loveliness is a Hungarian / Slovakian actress with one of the most striking faces on our list. You should go out of your way to find her work in TV and films.

New Entry

61. Monica Bellucci it

Has it really been a decade and a half? It would have been a few more years if we had found out about her in the early 1990′s. Monica has reigned supreme as the ultimate woman for almost 20 years. She is underrated as an actress, having delivered one of the most astonishing performances of all time in the 2003 classic, “Irreversible”. She is 15 years strong on our list and should be safe for another few years yet.

Years on List: 15 ….. Highest Position: 2

60. Ayumi Hamasaki Japan

Ayumi is a Japanese recording artist, lyricist, model, and actress. Also called “Ayu” by her fans, Hamasaki has been dubbed the “Empress of Pop” because of her popularity and widespread influence in Japan and throughout Asia.

New Entry

59. Rose Byrne Australia

Ten years after seeing her in “Troy”, this 2009 winner is still going strong. She is a mesmerizing actress and one of the nicest personalities in the industry. Rose Byrne is forever immortalized as the Most Beautiful Face of 2009 and we hope to see this resplendent Aussie for many years to come.

Years on List: 10 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2009

58. Jurnee Smollett-Bell us

This divinely attractive young woman is an American actress, known for the role of Jess Merriweather on the television series “Friday Night Lights”, as well as roles in the films “Temptation”, “Eve’s Bayou”, and “The Great Debaters”.

New Entry

57. Lisa Tomaschewsky de

A German actress and model who recently starred in “Today I’m Blonde”. She was also a Playboy playmate in 2009.

New Entry

56. Haruka Shimazaki Japan

Haruka is a Japanese singer and a member of the amazingly popular Japanese idol group, AKB48. She is currently in Team B. This is the first appearance of any AKB48 member on our list. Are there any others you would like to see next year?

New Entry


55. Kate Winslet UK

We think that the standard answer to the question, “Who is the greatest actress alive today?” should be changed from Meryl Streep to Kate Winslet. She is undeniably wonderful and almost universally admired, liked and respected. Is there any doubt why she makes our list for the 17th straight time?

Years on List: 17 ….. Highest Position: 4

54. Kristina Romanova ru

This Russian fashion model is on her way to the top. She is in demand by all the major brands and can be seen in virtually every major fashion magazine in the world. We were also impressed by her part in the Avicii video for “Wake Me Up”.

New Entry

53. Freida Pinto in

Five years in a row for the Indian beauty. She is a serene and poised actress who has range and power beyond her years. Let’s hope we see her for many years to come.

Years on List: 5 ….. Highest Position: 6

52. Afërdita Dreshaj al

This Albanian goddess is known for representing the Republic of Kosovo in Miss Universe 2011. Dreshaj is also a well-known singer in that part of the world, having debuted with her first single “Nëse Je Burrë” in 2009.

New Entry

51. Rachel Weisz UK

The reigning queen of this list. Only Jennifer Connelly has been on our list more times (22 times from 1990-2011) than Rachel. She debuted in 1996 and made it all the way to #2 in 2008, when she was the runner-up to Natalie Portman. The Oscar-winning actress is a legendary Hall-of-Fame beauty and continues her run with another placement in 2013. Perhaps she will end up with the all time record of appearances, because we don’t see her slipping out of the Top 100 any time soon.

Years on List: 18 ….. Highest Position: 2

50. Liu Yifei cn

A Chinese actress, model, and singer, Liu Yifei. This is her first appearance in the Beautiful Faces List and is one of 4 Chinese beauties to make the Top 100 in 2013.

New Entry

49. Tone Damli no

Tone Damli Aaberge is a Norwegian singer. She was the runner-up in the Norwegian version of Idol in 2005. She has released four albums, Bliss, Sweet Fever, I Know, and Cocool. Bliss and I Know have been certified gold in Norway.

New Entry

48. Emma Stone us

Emma Stone seems to be every guy’s current choice for “perfect girlfriend material”. No one has a bad word to say about her. She is talented and fun and intelligent and different. We love her to bits and she makes her 3rd straight appearance.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 23

47. Mila Kunis

Were this a list of the 100 Coolest Chicks in the World, Mila might win every single year. She is a ball of energy and a total fox. The Ukranian-born actress easily makes this list again.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 20


46. Mirei Kiritani Japan

Mirei is a very popular Japanese actress who debuted at #12 in last year’s list. She backs up that performance with another high ranking in 2013. She is stunning.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 12

45. Keira Knightley UK

The Most Beautiful Face of 2005 and 2006 was the last back to back winner. Only three women have ever done that (Pfeiffer, Marceau & Knightley). She continues strongly with her 12th year in a row and shows no signs of slowing down.

Years on List: 12 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2005 and 2006

44. Malena Costa es

The Spanish model is one of the most exquisite beauties ever to hail from her country. She will be making these types of list for years to come.

New Entry

43. Gianna Jun kr

Also known as Jun Ji-hyun, Gianna is a South Korean actress. She is known for her role as “The Girl” in the romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl”, one of the highest grossing Korean comedies of all time. Other notable films include the fantastic action adventure flicks, “The Thieves”, and “The Berlin File”.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 43

42. Imogen Poots UK

The queen of cheek-bones is Imogen Poots. With a smile reminiscent of Julia Roberts in her prime… and acting chops that will keep her working for decades, we think that Imogen is a candidate for a long run in the Top 100.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 36

41. Nozomi Sasaki Japan

This Japanese actress / model is a breath of fresh air. After working as a fashion model for many years, she has now become famous as a gravure idol and also as a main ringside commentator / spokesperson for mixed martial arts events. In recent years, she has released five photobooks and two DVDs, and has also made countless appearances on television, magazines, and ads.

Years on List: 4 ….. Highest Position: 25

40. Jennifer Lawrence us

There is absolutely no question that Jennifer Lawrence is the most popular girl on the internet today. If you even mention her name on Reddit, the site crashes. If she pops up in a YouTube video, it gets a million hits. Everything she touches turns to Oscars and internet views. She is relentlessly fun and entertaining and makes her third appearance in a row on our ranking.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 18

39. IU kr

IU is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress, guitarist, dancer and television presenter. Her stage name is derived from the phrase “I and You”, symbolizing that we can become one through music.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 19

38. Kate Beckinsale UK

Does this woman ever age? She is a timeless legend who won The Most Beautiful Face of 2007. This is her 15th consecutive appearance and we don’t think it is too far a stretch to say that she will be in the Top 100 for the next 15 years.

Years on List: 15 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2007


37. Kerry Washington us

This sublime actress is terrific in her hit TV show, “Scandal”. She has quietly made this list for 8 straight years.

Years on List: 8 ….. Highest Position: 8

36. Cintia Dicker br

This sultry redheaded supermodel is one of the most visually unique faces on the 2013 list. She improves on last year’s debut with jump of 33 spots to number 36.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 36

35. Kate Bock ca

Her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue catapults her onto the list for the first time. This Canadian supermodel has the potential to top this list one day. She is something special.

New Entry

34. Go Ara kr

In 2003, she became the winner of the SM Entertainment Teen Model Contest. After joining SM Entertainment, she began to train in the areas of acting, singing, and dancing. This is her third consecutive mention on the Most Beautiful Faces List. She is one of the pioneers in the recent South Korean celebrity explosion around the world.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 12

33. Natalie Portman

What more can be said of Natalie. She is absolute perfection. She won The Most Beautiful Face of 2008 and makes her 16th (has it really been that long?) straight appearance. She personifies elegance, class, poise and intelligence. There is no better role-model for young women in the celebrity world today.

Years on List: 16 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2008

32. Satomi Ishihara Japan

Very popular among Japanese fans, Satomi gained recognition for her tremendous acting talent. She started taking parts in television dramas in 2003. Ishihara has appeared in various commercials and PR events. Her photobooks, DVD photo collections and calendars are all tremendously popular throughout Japan and Asia.

New Entry

31. Sarah Gadon ca

One of the most well-spoken and interesting young women on the list, Sarah is a magnificent actress who is well on her way to becoming a household name. She is definitely one of the faces in contention for a Top 10 placement in 2014. Look for her to rise quickly in the coming years.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 31

30. Zhu Zhu cn

Her twitter profile states that she is a MTV China VJ, Singer, Actress, Electric Engineer, Unicorn, Runner… But we know her as a fabulous young actress from films like “Shanghai Calling”, “The Man with Iron Fists” and “Cloud Atlas”. She is an epically gorgeous woman who delivers her second consecutive Top 30 placement.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 22

29. Laura Haddock UK

She stars as Lucrezia Donati, the mistress of Lorenzo de’ Medici and lover of Leonardo da Vinci in the 2013 series, “Da Vinci’s Demons”. Look for her to show up everywhere in the next few years. Her combination of looks and talent are undeniable and we expect to have her grace our list for at least the next decade.

New Entry


28. Megan Young

Megan Lynne Young is an actress, a model, a VJ, a host and a beauty queen. She won the Miss World Philippines title and was later crowned as Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. She is the first woman from the Philippines to win the title. Young is currently a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic.

New Entry

27. Amber Heard us

Is it possible for a human being to be flawless? If so, Amber Heard is proof of that. She is a Hitchcock Blonde with a face that could make Helen of Troy weep with jealousy. Don’t expect to see a Beautiful Faces List without Amber until the mid 2020′s.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 9

26. Lupita Nyong’o ke

The young Kenyan actress and filmmaker is making a massive name for herself with her stunning performance in Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave”. Watching her in the 2013 Hollywood Reporter Actress Round Table, we saw an immaculately poised, intelligent and articulate young woman who is almost assuredly going to win an Oscar and go on to have an amazing career.

New Entry

25. Léa Seydoux fr

The sultry French actress is getting rave reviews for her performance in “Blue is the Warmest Color” opposite Adèle Exarchopoulos. We think she is a surefire future Oscar winner.

New Entry

24. Song Hye-kyo kr

Four years ago, Song Hye-kyo became our first South Korean face on the list. This year, we have a quite amazing 14 South Korean entries. She is one of the finest actresses in the world today and represents her country with dignity and class.

Years on List: 4 ….. Highest Position: 5

23. Tamsin Egerton UK

She delivered a fantastic performance in the 2013 film, “The Look of Love”, opposite Steve Coogan. She can also be seen in the upcoming thriller, “Grand Piano”. We are thrilled to list her for the seventh straight year.

Years on List: 7 ….. Highest Position: 3

22. Meagan Tandy us

The former pageant queen is currently playing Lulu Pope on the ABC Family show “Jane By Design”. She is immaculately beautiful and makes her entrance at a lofty number 22.

New Entry

21. Lily Collins

The daughter of legendary musician Phil Collins is making a very big name for herself in Hollywood. In 2013, she portrayed Clary Fray in the fantasy film adaptation, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. She and Camilla Belle reign supreme as the queens of eyebrow perfection.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 11

20. Jessica Jung

Jessica is an Korean / American singer, dancer, actress and model best known as a member of the South Korean girl super-group Girls’ Generation. Born in San Francisco, California, she is fluent in both her native English and Korean. She moved to South Korea at age 11. There is no doubt that she will be ranked highly for many years on this list.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 5


19. India Eisley us

She is best known for her role as Ashley Juergens in the ABC Family drama series, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. She is also famous for the role of Eve in “Underworld: Awakening”. India is a possible candidate for topping the 2014 list.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 19

18. Selena Gomez us

Has anyone had a more successful year than Selena? She had a hit single. She was magnificent in “Spring Breakers”, one of the best films of 2013. And she finally rid herself of “The Biebs”. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 18

17. Zara Larsson se

Zara received fame for winning the Swedish talent show “Talang” (Sweden’s Got Talent). She had a breakthrough with her debut EP album “Introducing”, released in January 2013, with the single “Uncover” topping the charts in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Both the single “Uncover”, as well as the album “Introducing” were certified triple platinum in July 2013 by Universal Music Sweden. Zara signed a contract with Epic Records in the USA and is destined for greatness with an amazing voice and one of the loveliest faces we have ever seen. We think she is a lock for next year’s Top 10.

New Entry

16. Nathalie Emmanuel UK

She is an English actress best known for her role in the Channel 4 soap “Hollyoaks” as Sasha Valentine, which she played from 2006 to 2010. She was born to a Jamaican mother and a French father. Her recent performance in the epic TV show, “Game of Thrones” made us take notice. She lands at 16, with one of the highest debuts of 2013.

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15. Alison Brie us

Does any actor or actress have a better one-two punch than Alison Brie? “Mad Men” and “Community” are both huge successes and she is on them both. This is her 5th year as one of the Most Beautiful Faces. Get used to her… because she isn’t leaving soon.

Years on List: 5 ….. Highest Position: 5

14. Suzy Bae kr

She is a South Korean idol, singer, dancer, actress, model and MC. Best known for her work in the group, miss A, SuzyBae is absolutely one of the most popular celebrities in her native country. She can be seen everywhere… and now she can be seen on our list for the first time. She blasts into the list at #14.

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13. Alexandra Daddario us

She is an American actress, best known to film audiences for playing Annabeth Chase in the 2010 film, “Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief”. Daddario was also the star of “Texas Chainsaw 3D”. She in the owner of the world’s most amazing eyes and delivers yet another extraordinarily high placement in this 2013 list.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 3

12. Deepika Padukone

This Danish-born Indian actress virtually defines the word grace. She has established a successful career in Hindi (Bollywood) films, and is noted as one of the most popular Indian celebrities. Deepika has the third highest debut of 2013.

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11. Olivia Wilde us

Jason Sudeikis is our hero. He lands the beautiful actress from films like “TRON: Legacy” and “Drinking Buddies”. She lands in her highest ever position… number 11. The Top 10 beckons next year.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 11


10. Jessica Brown Findlay UK

Two years on the list. Two years in the Top 10. “Downton Abbey” star, Jessica Brown Findlay, in terms of talent, reminds us of Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz. In terms of beauty, she is carving out her own indelible legacy as one of the most gloriously lovely faces of this generation. She is a candidate to top this list some day soon.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 5

9. Taeyeon kr

She is the angelic voice that can be heard in mega-kpop-girl-group, Girls’ Generation. She is the highest ranked of the four SNSD members in 2013. As the goofy fun-loving one, Taeyeon is often beloved by her devoted fans. She is one of the most likely candidates to win in 2014. Will she make it? What do you think Taegangers?

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 9

8. Emma Watson UK

The Most Beautiful Face of 2011 makes her 8th straight appearance in the Top 100 and her 4th consecutive in the Top 10. She has left behind her most famous role in the Harry Potter franchise and has developed into one of the best young actresses in her generation. Her role in Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring” solidifies her unlimited promise. She is destined to be mentioned as one of the great actresses and beauties of her time.

Years on List: 8 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2011

7. Lena Gercke de

Lena is a German fashion model and television host. She was winner of the first cycle of Germany’s Next Top Model. She since became the host of Austria’s version of Next Top Model. Real Madrid soccer star, Sami Khedira, has scored his most significant victory by landing this breathtaking woman.

Years on List: 2 ….. Highest Position: 7

6. Alexandra Joner no

Alexandra is a gorgeous Norwegian singer who debuted with her single “Sunrise” in May 2012. The song peaked at number eight on the Norwegian Singles Chart. She is a superb dancer and an in-demand pop star in Scandinavia. We think she deserves to be in-demand all over the rest of the world too. She has one of the most spectacular smiles we’ve come across in our time doing the list.

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5. Camilla Belle

Camilla won the Most Beautiful Face of 2010 and has had six straight appearances in our Top 10. That is the longest streak in the Top 10 since Keira Knightley between 2004 and 2009. She is one of our all time favorites and isn’t showing any signs of fading away. Camilla is a strong candidate to return to the Top Spot some day.

Years on List: 8 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2010

4. Emilia Clarke UK

In only her second year, Emilia Clarke won the Beautiful Faces List in 2012. Her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”is one of the most iconic of our time. She also just landed the role in the upcoming “Terminator” film, alongside Arnold himself.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2012

3. Chloë Grace Moretz us

In three years on our list, Chloë has been 6th, 4th and now 3rd. That is an amazing accomplishment for someone so young. We believe she has the ability to set every record in the book. There is absolutely no doubt that she is one of the hot favorites to win in 2014. On top of all that, she happens to be one of the mot versatile and daring actresses on the scene today. She is well on her way to becoming the most sought-after talent in Hollywood.

Years on List: 3 ….. Highest Position: 3

2. Nana kr

Im Jin-Ah is a singer, main visual and rapper in the K-Pop supergroup, After School. She is also a member of subgroups, A.S. Red and Orange Caramel, and the super idol group, Dazzling Red. Nana is a fashion model for some of the leading brands in South Korea. We found out about her because of overwhelming fan submissions just a few days after the release of the 2012 list… and immediately became a contender to win. This is the highest debut of anyone on our lists since 1999. She is the odd-on favorite to win in 2014. Can anyone stop her?

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1. Marion Cotillard fr

Marion Cotillard is generally considered to be one of the very best actresses of our time. Her role in “La Vie En Rose” was one of the most sublime in recent memory. The Oscar winner continues to be featured in some of the best films every year. However, her beauty is now also legendary. She has been on our list for 12 years, all but two of which were in the Top 20. She has had an 8th, a 7th, a 4th, a 3rd and a 2nd… But in 2013, she reigns supreme. Marion Cotillard is the Most Beautiful Face of 2013.

Congratulations Marion! La Reine!

Years on List: 12 ….. Highest Position: Winner 2013

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10 Gambar Paling Mahal Yang Pernah Di Jual

Bagi orang biasa, gambar tangkapan dari kamera mungkin bernilai tidak lebih dari sekadar satu imej sahaja, tetapi bagi mereka yang tahu apa itu erti fotografi, gambar-gambar yang kelihatan biasa pada pandangan kita mungkin bernilai lebih jutaan ringgit..Terdapat pelbagai aspek yang boleh membuatkan sesuatu gambar dijual pada harga yang mahal seperti sejarah, objek, nilai eksklusif dan banyak lagi..Jadi, tidak hairanlah jika gambar-gambar seperti di bawah ini boleh mencecah harga hingga jutaan ringgit..

10. Tobolsk Kremlin (2009) – US$ 1,750,000

Kremlin of Tobolsk adalah gambar yang diambil oleh Presiden Rusia sendiri. Gambar cetakan hitam dan putih Tobolsk Kremlin terjual pada nilai US$ 1.7 juta pada lelongan amal pada Januari 2010.

9. Billy The Kid (1880) Tintype Portrait – US$ 2,300,000

Gambar Billy ini terjual dalam sebuah lelongan pada harga sebanyak US$ 2.3 juta pada bulan Jun 2011, dari Brian Lebel’s Old West Show and Auction. 130 tahun yang lalu, legenda penjenayah Billy the Kid telah membuat gambarnya di Fort Sumner, New Mexico, dalam gaya yang kini dianggap sebagai gambar yang paling dikenali di Amerika Barat. Gambar tersebut merupakan satu-satunya gambar asli Billy the Kid yang wujud pada hari ini.

8. Untitled #153 (1985) – US$ 2,700,000

“Untitled # 153,” merupakan sekeping gambar yang diambil pada tahun 1985 oleh Cindy Sherman, dan terjual sebanyak US$ 2.7 juta pada November 2010, di Phillips de Pury & Co di New York, satu rekod lelongan untuk artis berkenaan.

7. The Pond-Moonlight (1904) – US$ 2,928,000

The Pond-Moonlight adalah gambar pictorialist oleh Edward Steichen. Gambar ini telah dibuat pada tahun 1904 di Mamaroneck, New York. Gambar ini mempunyai kolam di dalam hutan, dengan bahagian bulan yang terdapat di kaki langit di jurang dalam antara pokok-pokok. Ia telah terjual lebih daripada US$ 2.9 juta di Sotheby, New York pada Februari 2006.

6. Los Angeles, by Andreas Gursky (1998) – US$ 2,900,000

Los Angeles merupakan gambar yang diambil oleh Andreas Gursky. Ia merupakan hasil karya ketiga yang mendapat nilai lelongan tertinggi iaitu sebanyak US$ 2.9 juta untuk gambar panorama lampu di Los Angeles. Ia telah dijual di Sotheby, London pada bulan Februari.

5. 99 Cent II Diptychon (2001) – US$ 3,346, 456

Karya seni 99 Cent II Diptychon dari tahun 2001 adalah gambar bahagian dua yang dibuat oleh Andreas Gursky kemungkinan pada tahun 1999. Karya ini kadang kala turut digelar “99 Cent 1999”. Cetakan kedua 99 Cent II Diptychon ini telah terjual pada harga US$ 2.48 Juta pada bulan November 2006 di sebuah galeri di New York, manakala karya ketiga terjual pada harag US$ 2.25 juta di Sotheby pada Mei 2006.

4. Dead Troops Talk (1992) – US$ 3,666,500

Gambar ini merupakan permandangan selepas serangan hendap kumpulan peronda Tentera Merah berhampiran Moqor, Afghanistan pada musim sejuk 1986. Imej berkenaan yang diberi nama Dead Troops Talk menggambarkan mayat-mayat yang berlumuran darah dan dikerat oleh Tentera Merah Rusia yang kelihatan sedang berbual-bual di tepi bukit berbatu. Ia terjual pada harga US$ 3,666,500 di Christie pada Mei 2012.

3. For Her Majesty (1973) – US$ 3,765,276

For Her Majesty merupakan hasil karya Gilbert & George (1973). Ia terjual pada harga US$ 3.7 juta.

2. Untitled #96 (1981) – US$ 3, 890,500

Cetakan ketujuh Untitled #96 yang diambil oleh jurugambar, Cindy Sherman telah terjual pada harga US$ 3.88 juta di Christie pada Mei 2012.

1. Rhein II (1999) – US$ 4,338,500

Hasil karya yang digelar “Rhein II” ini telah diambil oleh Andreas Gursky dan terjual pada harga US$ 4.3 juta di Christie, menjadikannya gambar fotografi paling mahal pernah dijual.

Gambar Yang Menjadi Terkenal Di Seluruh Dunia

Lazimnya, untuk sesebuah gambar untuk menjadi terkenal dalam dunia Internet, ia mestilah mempunyai maksud dan memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada mereka yang melihatnya..Di bawah ini terdapat beberapa keping gambar yang telah menjadi terkenal di seluruh dunia..Kalau nak tahu apa maksud dan makna yang dibawa oleh gambar tersebut, meh usha kat bawah ni..

1. Gadis Afghanistan (1984)

Gambar gadis Afghanistan ini telah diambil oleh seorang jurugambar National Geographic, Steve McCurry. Gadis yang bernama Sharbat Gula, merupakan salah satu daripada pelajar-pelajar di sekolah formal di dalam kem pelarian; dan McCurry yang ketika itu jarang diberi peluang untuk mengambil gambar wanita Afghanistan telah mengambil peluang dan menangkap gambar beliau. Dia berumur kira-kira 12 tahun pada masa itu. Gambar dia kemudiannya dijadikan kulit hadapan majalah National Geographic setahun selepas gambarnya diambil dan dia ditemui semula pada tahun 1992.

2. Omayra Sánchez (1985)

Omayra Sánchez merupakan salah seorang daripada 25,000 mangsa letusan gunung berapi Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia) yang meletus pada 14 November 1985. Budak berusia 13 tahun itu telah terperangkap di dalam air dan konkrit selama 3 hari. Gambar itu diambil tidak lama sebelum beliau meninggal dunia dan ia menimbulkan kontroversi kerana kerja-kerja jurugambar dan kegiatan kerajaan Colombia di tengah-tengah tragedi itu, apabila ia telah diterbitkan di seluruh dunia selepas kematian gadis tersebut.

3. Potret Winston Churchill (1941)

Gambar ini telah diambil oleh Yousuf Karsh, seorang jurugambar Kanada, apabila Winston Churchill berkunjung ke Ottawa. Potret gambar Churchill ini telah menjadikan Karsh terkenal di persada antarabangsa. Ia didakwa menjadi potret fotografi yang paling banyak dikeluarkan semula dalam sejarah. Ia juga pernah menjadi kulit muka depan majalah Life.

4. Nasib Pelarian Perang Kosovo (1999)

Gambar ini adalah sebahagian daripada gambar yang  memenangi hadiah Pulitzer dalam majlis The Washington Post (2000) di mana ia menunjukkan bagaimana kanak-kanak pelarian Kosovo, Agim Shala, berusia 2 tahun, melepasi pagar kawat berduri ke tangan datuk dan neneknya di sebuah kem yang dikendalikan oleh United Arab Emirates di Kukes, Albania . Ahli-ahli keluarga Shala telah bersatu semula di sini selepas melarikan diri daripada konflik di Kosovo.

5. Kanak-Kanak Merangkak Ke Kem Pelarian Demi Sesuap Makanan (1995)

Gambar yang memenangi anugerah Pulitzer ini telah diambil pada tahun 1994 semasa kejadian “Kebuluran Sudan”. Gambar yang menunjukkan kanak-kanak kurus kering yang sedang merangkak ke arah kem makanan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) yang terletak satu kilometer dari situ. Burung hering turut berada di sisi kanak-kanak berkenaan di mana ia sedang menunggu untuk kanak-kanak tersebut mati sebelum dijadikan makanan. Gambar ini telah mengejutkan seluruh dunia. Tiada siapa yang tahu apa yang berlaku kepada kanak-kanak berkenaan, termasuk jurugambar Kevin Carter yang meninggalkan tempat itu sebaik sahaja gambar itu diambil. Tiga bulan kemudian, dia membunuh diri kerana masalah kemurungan.

6. Tempat Minum Air Yang Terasing (1950)

Gambar tempat minum air yang terasing akibat perbezaan warna kulit ini telah diambil di North Carolina.

7. Sami Membakar Diri (1963)

Pada 11 Jun 1963, Thich Quang Duc, seorang sami Buddha dari Vietnam telah membakar dirinya sampai mati di persimpangan jalan yang sibuk di pusat bandar Saigon untuk membawa perhatian kepada dasar-dasar yang menindas rejim Diem Katolik yang dikawal kerajaan Vietnam Selatan pada masa itu. Sami-sami Buddha meminta rejim untuk memansuhkan larangan untuk mengibarkan bendera Buddha tradisional bagi memberikan Buddha hak yang sama seperti agama Kristian Katolik, menghentikan sebarang penahanan mereka yang beragama Buddha dan untuk memberi sami-sami Buddha dan biarawati hak untuk mengamalkan dan menyebarkan agama mereka. Walaupun sedang terbakar, Thich Quang Duc tidak mengerakkan walau seinci pun tubuh badan beliau.

8. Bliss (2000)

“Bliss” merupakan nama kepada sebuah gambar landskap di Napa County, California yang terletak di timur Sonoma Valley. Ia mengandungi bukit-bukau berwarna hijau dan langit biru dengan awan stratocumulus dan sirus. Imej ini kemudiannya digunakan sebagai ‘wallpaper‘ komputer untuk  tema “Luna” dalam Windows XP. Gambar itu telah diambil oleh jurugambar profesional, Charles O’Rear, seorang penduduk St Helena di Napa County, untuk syarikat reka bentuk digital, HighTurn. O’Rear juga telah mengambil gambar-gambar Napa Valley untuk artikel nya untuk majalah National Geographic keluaran Mei 1979. Gambar ini dikatakan telah mencecah harga setinggi US$200 juta sepanjang pengiklanan Windows XP.

9. Kebakaran The Triangle Shirtwaist (1911)

Gambar ini menunjukkan susunan mayat di perkarangan Syarikat Triangle Shirtwaist. Peraturan syarikat tersebut telah mengarahkan agar pintu kilang sentiasa ditutup dan dikunci agar para pekerja (wanita  yangkebanyakannya pendatang) tidak boleh meninggalkan kilang tersebut atau mencuri. Apabila kebakaran berlaku, ia telah menyebabkan tragedi di mana 146 orang meninggal dunia pada hari itu.

Setiap gambar pasti ada ceritanya yang tersendiri! Tapi…bilang Yuna…setiap gambar ada lagunya….hehehehe….

Corinth Canal – Terusan Paling Sempit Di Dunia

Rata-rata keseluruhannya, orang ramai hanya pernah mendengar perihal kehebatan Terusan Suez yang terletak di antara Mesir dan Semenanjung Sinai..Selain dari Terusan Suez, terdapat satu lagi terusan yang terletak di Greece yang tidak kurang hebat dan sempitnya..Nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut, meh usha kat bawah ni..

Corinth Canal yang terletak di Greece merupakan tarikan seni bina yang sangat popular. Ia menghubungkan Teluk Corinth dengan Teluk Saronic di Laut Aegean. Terusan ini diukir dan dikorek secara terus ke dalam batu. Ia mempunyai kepanjangan sehingga mencecah 4 batu panjang dan hanya 70 kaki lebar pada pangkalannya. Ini menghadkan banyak kapal moden dari menyeberangi terusan ini. Disebabkan kesempitan itu, terusan ini tidak digunakan secara kerap, tetapi ia adalah sebuah tempat yang sangat baik untuk para pelancong melawat. Dinding curam dengan air yang jernih menjadi satu daya tarikan yang besar bagi setiap lapisan masyarakat yang berkunjung ke situ.

romie 22

Desa Dairy Farm is located at the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu, at the Mesilau Plateau, Kundasang, Ranau. It is one of the subsidiaries of Desa Group of Companies which is wholly owned by the state government of Sabah, Malaysia.

romie 21

Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah Attraction Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah Attraction Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah Attraction

Desa Dairy Farm provides good education for children even adults to understand how fresh milk is being processed from raw to finish product. The best time to visit the farm is around 2:30pm as milking session is starting at 3pm every day. You can see all the cows are lining up waiting for milking.

romie 20

Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah AttractionDesa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah AttractionDesa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah Attraction

Friesian Cattles are reared in this farm to produce around one million liters of high quality fresh milk annually. The processing plant is fully automated at all stage of production. Fresh milk in original & chocolate flavors is available for sales at the lobby. Some souvenir also available and it is always nice to grab something for friends and family other than fresh milk!

Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah AttractionDesa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah Attraction

You can see Desa Dairy Farm far from the main road in Kundasang. It is not hard to find but there is no public transport to reach there. If you stay in Kinabalu Park or resort nearby, you may ask for transport from the reception. All the local folks know how to get there! You can see Australian Memorial Park at your right hand side on the way up to the farm

Desa Dairy Farm, Mesilau Highland, Kundasang - Sabah Attraction

Mt. Kinabalu is just in front of you on your way in to Desa Dairy Farm if weather condition is good. You are viewing another side of Mt. Kinabalu! The cold weather, farm fencing, and Friesian cattle make you totally away from all the pressures and stressful life from the reality world. If you already arrive in Kinabalu Park or nearby resort, try to experience Desa Dairy Farm and take some nice photos along the way. “It’s not just about the milk!!! It is the DESA DAIRY FARM EXPERIENCE.”

Entrance fees for adult: RM 2.00
Desa Cattle (Sabah) Sdn Bhd
Mesilau Highland, Kundasang, Ranau

Here…some my picture with my lil sista….  🙂

romie 4


romie 3

Apabila Model Playboy Bertudung

Apabila Model Playboy Bertudung | WALAUPUN bukan beragama Islam, seorang model seksi, Felicia Yeap yang pernah menghiasi majalah lelaki ‘FHM’ dan Playboy kini tampil berhijab penuh dan menutup keseluruhan auratnya persis wanita Muslim yang lain.
Sebelum ini kehidupannya penuh bergelumang dengan dunia glamor, memenuhi tuntutan kerjanya sebagai seorang model.
Cakap apa yang sahaja yang tidak pernah diperagakannya, bikini, tampil separuh bogel, semuanya pernah.
Namun, kesedarannya untuk menutup tubuh badannya dengan pakaian yang longgar serta tidak mendedahkan mendapat tumpuan umum.
Antara sebab dan alasan yang diberikannya ialah, dengan menutup aurat dia merasakan maruah dirinya lebih tinggi jika dibandingkan ketika zaman ‘jahilliyah’nya dulu.
Di bawah ini penulis kongsikan gambar-gambar dua zaman berbeza Felicia buat tatapan pembaca semua.

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Gambar Mayat Paul Walker Hangus Terbakar Didedahkan

Gambar Mayat Paul Walker Hangus Terbakar Didedahkan | Kemalangan yang meragut nyawa pelakon Paul Walker pada Ahad lalu masih lagi menjadi topik panas di perbualkan di media-media sosial sehingga hari ini.

Ini kerana kereta jenis Porshe Carrera GT baru yang dinaiki oleh aktor filem Fast and Furious itu bukan setakat melanggar sebuah tiang telefon di tepi jalan malah turut hancur meletup.

Daripada hasil bedah siasat yang dilakukan oleh pihak polis, satu lakaran mayat Paul Walker yang hangus terbakar berjaya dihasilkan.

Lakaran tersebut telah didedahkan oleh portal Showbizspy pada Jumaat, 6 Disember 2013, Berikut adalah gambar lakaran yang dikatakan Mayat Paul Walker yang hangus terbakar

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Papan Iklan Paling Menarik Di Dunia | Mengikut pandangan peribadi admin setelah dikaji dan diteliti gambar-gambar dibawah merupakan papan iklan yang paling menarik dan sememangnya boleh menarik minat pembaca untuk membaca apa yang tertulis di papan iklan tersebut.


Papan Iklan Paling Menarik Di Dunia |
Papan Iklan Paling Menarik Di Dunia |
Papan Iklan Paling Menarik Di Dunia |


Papan Iklan Paling Menarik Di Dunia |















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Sumber daripada :

Jika ingin menghasilkan laporan lebih tepat, molek jika wartawan atau pelapor media sosial berada di lokasi, bukan hanya sekadar meraih maklumat tidak sahih melalui laman sosial.

Saya tiba di Johor Bahru, Johor kira-kira pada jam 7 malam semalam dan bertemu  wartawan, Zulhazri Abu Bakar. Dalam perjalanan untuk makan malam di Restoran Banafe, kami melihat orang ramai masih berkumpul di luar Villa Nabila.
Mereka berhimpun di lokasi itu berikutan dakwaan kononnya 23 remaja dilaporkan hilang di Villa terbabit sejak malam Ahad lalu. Berita itu disensasikan oleh beberapa laman web, termasuk blog kumpulan paranormal, BUKAN Penyingkap Fakta.
Saya dan Zulhazri berpegang kepada prinsip sama. Berita BERKREDIBILITI itu wajib disahkan oleh pihak berkuasa, dalam kes ini polis. Maklumat disiarkan di blog ini dalam entri terdahulu disahkan oleh Pemangku Ketua Polis Daerah Johor Bahru Selatan, Supt. Abd.Samad Salleh, bukan berbentuk hearsay, khabar angin.
Sewaktu bertemu beberapa kenalan di ibu negeri Johor itu, Zulhazri menerima panggilan daripada sumber awam.
“Jom, remaja hilang itu telah dijumpai di Flat Desa Mutiara (Johor Bahru), ” ajak sahabat saya.
Lalu kami bergegas ke balai terdekat dengan kawasan penempatan itu, Balai Polis Bandar Dato’ Onn.
Saya dan Zulhazri berdiri di luar balai dan merakamkan gambar dua remaja tidak kami ketahui identiti mereka.
Kami percaya, kenyataan Izzat sedang dirakamkan oleh Pegawai Penyiasat di dalam pejabat di bahagian belakang balai.
“Selepas ini mereka mungkin akan dibawa ke Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah, IPD Central,” bisik Zulhazri.
Maklumat disalurkan oleh orang awam mengatakan,  Izzat dan 2 rakannya dibawa ke balai ini dari flat. Jadi tidak tersasar sewaktu kami menjangkakan, dua remaja terbabit, kenalan Izzat. Pada jam 2.33 pagi, tiga remaja terbabit dibawa keluar menggunakan laluan belakang balai. Sebagai wartawan, kami tidak berniat untuk merakamkan kenyataan Pegawai Penyiasat atau pegawai lain di situ kerana difahamkan sidang akhar akan dibuat oleh Ketua Polis Johor, Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff hari ini.
Tanpa berlengah kami kemudian bergerak ke IPD Central dan menunggu kenderaan sama memasuki kawasan terbabit.
Lama kami berdua duduk di atas simen lalu pejalan kaki di depan IPD itu.
Namun dimaklumkan, 3 remaja terbabit masih belum tiba kerana berada di Larkin.
“Cawangan Narkotik sekarang di sana, dulu di sini,” ujar Zulhazri.
Tiba-tiba saya telihat kelibat pasangan lelaki dan wanita sedang duduk di kerusi di dalam balai.
Sebaik dia memandag ke arah saya, hati tergerak untuk memanggilnya keluar dari balai itu. Saya dan Zulhazri berjabat tangan dengannya. Mujur dia mengenali saya dan berasa amat selesa berbual.
Abu Hashim Mohd Zain, 48 tahun, berasal dari Sik, Kedah tetapi menetap di Taman Ehsan Jaya.
“Saya tengah menunggu anak perempuan saya. Empat orang polis datang ke rumah dan memaklumkan berita, anak saya, 15 tahun, dijumpai di Flat Desa Mutiara sekali dengan Izzat dan rakan seorang lagi itu. Sebelum itu ibu Izzat menghubungi saya dan meminta saya membuat laporan polis. Namun saya memaklumkan dia, sejak pagi Sabtu lalu, saya kerap berhubung dengan rakan anak perempuan tunggal saya itu menggunakan nombor telefon bimbit dia. Pagi tadipun saya masih berhubung lagi. Jam 9.30 malam tadi saya memang hendak membuat laporan polis,” ujar pemandu lori itu.
Zulhazri pantas merakamkan kenyataannya untuk disiarkan di berita TV9, In Sha Allah, pada tengahari ini.
“Apabila anak encik Hashim hilang dan berlaku kekecohan kononnya 23 remaja tidak ditemui di Villa Nabila, adakah encik percaya dia disembunyikan oleh makhluk halus?,” soal saya.

“Mereka pergi beramai-ramai. Saya juga telah pergi ke Villa Nabila semalam. Memang tidak ada apapun di sana. Musykil juga kalau pergi ramai, mustahil seorang sahaja hilang. Jadi saya memang tidak percaya, tidak yakin langsung dia disembunyikan oleh makhluk halus. Bukan hendak bercakap besar tidak, tetapi kalau melihatkan keadaan di dalam Villa Nabila, In Sha Allah, saya berani tidur seorang diri di situ. Malang, bila berita kononnya 23 remaja hilang di villa itu disebarkan di internet, suasana menjadi kelam-kabut sekaligus menyusahkan banyak pihak. Jadi nasihat saya, berhentilah menyebarkan berita tidak sahih di laman sosial,” balasnya yakin.
“Polis BELUM lagi mengesahkan berita tetapi maklumat awal kami terima, disalurkan oleh sumber awam, amat menarik. Izzat dan rakan, dikatakan menonton filem Highland Tower. Mereka kemudian membuat keputusan mencari tempat ‘keras’ untuk dikunjungi secara berkumpulan barangkali termasuk anak encik sekali. Dalam kumpulan kira-kira 20 orang itu mereka ke Villa Nabila pada lebih kurang jam 4 pagi. Setelah berada di situ, SEMUA keluar melalui jalan belakang, Straits View dan terus berhenti rehat di Masjid Kolam Air. Sewaktu azan berkumandang, sebelum bersurai,” kata saya.
Izzat membuat keputusan tidak pulang ke rumah dan tinggal di rumah rakannya. Selepas Buletin Utama menyiarkan berita kehilangannya, orang awam menetap di flat terbabit, mengenali identiti Izzat kemudian bertindak menyalurkan maklumat tepat kepada polis.
“Apapun, kita tunggu sahaja perincian lebih tepat akan disahkan oleh pihak polis akan dikongsikan bersama semua media cetak dan elektronik,” sampuk Zulhazri.
Akhrinya kami difahamkan, anak perempuan Abu Hashim, teman wanita Izzat.
Kira-kira jam 3.48 pagi, kenderaan membawa 3 remaja terbabit dipandu laju, masuk ke IPD Central.